Friday, May 15, 2015

Pitch Day

       Overall, pitch day was very successful. All of the adults that I talked to were very nice and supportive of my project. They asked great questions, and were engaged in my presentation. A lot of the adults asked me what kind of career I want to pursue after researching this topic, and it caused me to really think about what I want to do in my future. The only negative part of my pitch day was when I got nervous at times, and stumbled over some words. These moments were embarrassing, but the adults didn't mind and kept on listening to my presentation. Overall, I enjoyed pitch day because I was able to share the information that I have been working so hard on, with others in our community. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pitch Day Anticipation

Before pitch day, I still have to gather all my materials including a trifold. Then, I need to print out the information that I gathered, and assembled it on my trifold. After I do this, I need to plan out what I am going to say and how I am going to present my information on pitch day.  At this point, I feel accomplished about my research and findings. I was able to collect some great information from the two ladies I interviewed on their jobs. I received answers to many of the questions I had at the beginning of the project. 
I am a little bit nervous for pitch day, because I am not yet completely sure how I am going to present my information to the audience. Also, I still need to put my presentation together. However, I am also excited for pitch day because I want to share all the information that I gathered with others. I hope to receive some good  feedback on the work I have been doing in the past weeks. 
Inquiry questions:
How will I present my information for pitch day?
How many people will I be presenting my information to on pitch day?
What kind of feedback will I get on pitch day?
What further materials do I need to collect for pitch day?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Planning for Pitch Day

Before I begin, I would like to note a change that took place since my blog from last week. In my last blog post, I noted that I was unable to meet with the lady with Leg Up Farm, so I was going to meet with my cousin who also has a helping career, instead. However, the Leg Up Farm employee and I were eventually able to work out a time where I could interview her as well as my cousin. So, I will now be including both in my project. 
I would like to present my work from the past four weeks on a poster. On my poster, I will include the questions that I asked the two ladies that I interviewed about their careers, and the answers to these questions. I will also include an overview of my mission to find out about careers that include helping others, and the information that I found out about that topic. I will include how I found these answers, and my goals for the future. I will also use my iPad during my pitch, and have a slideshow of the photos that I've gathered throughout this process. 
For my pitch, I will read over my poster and touch on all of the key points. I will tell my audience how I gathered all of the information. I will also explain to them my goals for taking on a career in helping others in the future. 
Inquiry questions for further research:
What materials will I need to use for my presentation?
How will I present my information if this plan does not work out?

Pitch day invite video:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Contacting a Professional

     My phone call struggled at first, but ended up going well. First, I contacted a woman from Leg Up Farm, and asked if I could interview her to find out information on careers in helping people. Unfortunately, this option didn't work out, because we were not available at a mutual time to complete the interview. After this idea fell through, I decided to contact my cousin who also has a career in helping others. She works as an assistant at a surgeon's office, where she helps patients cope and deal with their surgeries everyday. This call was successful, and we were able to set up a time to get together and have the interview. 
     The biggest stressor of this process was when my first attempt at a phone call failed. However, I was able to overcome this by thinking of another option, and following through with it. This process helped me grow because it taught me that not everything will always work out, but there will be other opportunities to succeed. It also helped my maturity grow, because I needed to contact a professional adult that I wasn't familiar with. I now have the insight of who I will be working with for this project, and how I am going to achieve it. My goal for this week is to complete the interview, and start organizing the information that I gain. I look forward to see my project progressing, and gaining new knowledge along the way. 

Inquiry questions for further research:
What questions will I ask during the interview?
How will I organize the information that I gather?
How will I record the information I learn?
Should I include videos and/or pictures?
What kind of information will I learn?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Findings Through Research

     Since my last post, I have been able to learn the answers to my inquiry questions. I learned that there are careers that you could pursue if your passion is to help others. These careers include a nonprofit executive director, a director of development, a position in the American Red Cross, and many more. These are just a few of the many career opportunities for people who want to help others. I also learned that you can start helping others before you graduate high school, by volunteering at any organization that serves those in need. 
     I decided that an ideal way to organize this information would be to put it into a guide that I can share with others who may be interested in the same topic. I learned that there are careers that focus on helping others that pay well. The last question that I researched was to find out if there were any local organizations that I could serve at to help others. I learned that there were many, including Leg Up Farm, local food banks, the York Rescue Mission, and many more. One question that I still want to research is which colleges I can eventually go to to major in one of these careers. 
     My original passion idea has slightly changed. At first, I just wanted to learn about career opportunities that involve volunteering. I now want to expand on that and have my end project as a guide to inform others on this topic. Through research I've learned that you don't get paid just for being a volunteer. However, for organizations like the American Red Cross, there are opportunities to take on a career in which you can make money through helping those in need. I have grown through this research because now I want to share my passion with others and not just myself.

Inquiry questions for research?
What are some other local organizations?
Which of these organizations should I contact?
What are some careers involved with this topic in which you get paid?
How much money do you get paid for these jobs?
Are there others that would be interested in learning about these opportunities?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Changing Society Through Helping Others

One goal that I have is to learn about different career opportunities that I can pursue in the future, that incorporate volunteering and helping others. I can use this passion to help others, because it will consist of me going out into the community and doing things to help those who are less fortunate. My 20 Time end goal is to collect a lot of information on volunteer opportunities for now, and for after college. I would then like to put the information into an informational guide, so I can share it with others who may want to help out in the future. My ideal outcome for this end result is to not only inform myself, but to share with others how to better the society and help people in the world. 
Inquiry Questions for Further Research:
-What are the different career opportunities that I could pursue in the future, that incorporate helping others?
-Are there ways to start participating in these organizations before I graduate high school?
-Can you make money from participating in these organizations?
-Are there any local organizations that I could pursue to help people?
- How can I inspire others to also help out in the community?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Passionate about Helping

    I first began helping out in the community when I needed to fulfill my Confirmation requirements at Church. I still needed several hours of community service to pass, so I began signing up for different volunteer oppurtunities. Although I was lazy at first, I grew to really enjoy helping others in the community. It felt great to know that I was helping better the lives of people who are less fortunate. Nowadays, I volunteer as much as possible. 
     As I began to volunteer more, I realized that I enjoyed working with children. I pursued this interest by watching the children at my church's bible school each summer. I loved helping the children learn. Another volunteer opportunity that I began this year was helping at Leg Up Farm, an organization that specializes in helping children with special needs by incorporating horseback riding therapy. Helping out here is a passion of mine because I got to pursue my love of animals and children at the same time. 
      I believe that if others start to help out, we could live in a better community. Also, this is an activity that can help people to feel better about themselves. I would like to share my passion with others to make our society better as a whole.