Monday, April 13, 2015

Changing Society Through Helping Others

One goal that I have is to learn about different career opportunities that I can pursue in the future, that incorporate volunteering and helping others. I can use this passion to help others, because it will consist of me going out into the community and doing things to help those who are less fortunate. My 20 Time end goal is to collect a lot of information on volunteer opportunities for now, and for after college. I would then like to put the information into an informational guide, so I can share it with others who may want to help out in the future. My ideal outcome for this end result is to not only inform myself, but to share with others how to better the society and help people in the world. 
Inquiry Questions for Further Research:
-What are the different career opportunities that I could pursue in the future, that incorporate helping others?
-Are there ways to start participating in these organizations before I graduate high school?
-Can you make money from participating in these organizations?
-Are there any local organizations that I could pursue to help people?
- How can I inspire others to also help out in the community?

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