Friday, April 17, 2015

Findings Through Research

     Since my last post, I have been able to learn the answers to my inquiry questions. I learned that there are careers that you could pursue if your passion is to help others. These careers include a nonprofit executive director, a director of development, a position in the American Red Cross, and many more. These are just a few of the many career opportunities for people who want to help others. I also learned that you can start helping others before you graduate high school, by volunteering at any organization that serves those in need. 
     I decided that an ideal way to organize this information would be to put it into a guide that I can share with others who may be interested in the same topic. I learned that there are careers that focus on helping others that pay well. The last question that I researched was to find out if there were any local organizations that I could serve at to help others. I learned that there were many, including Leg Up Farm, local food banks, the York Rescue Mission, and many more. One question that I still want to research is which colleges I can eventually go to to major in one of these careers. 
     My original passion idea has slightly changed. At first, I just wanted to learn about career opportunities that involve volunteering. I now want to expand on that and have my end project as a guide to inform others on this topic. Through research I've learned that you don't get paid just for being a volunteer. However, for organizations like the American Red Cross, there are opportunities to take on a career in which you can make money through helping those in need. I have grown through this research because now I want to share my passion with others and not just myself.

Inquiry questions for research?
What are some other local organizations?
Which of these organizations should I contact?
What are some careers involved with this topic in which you get paid?
How much money do you get paid for these jobs?
Are there others that would be interested in learning about these opportunities?

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