Thursday, April 2, 2015

Passionate about Helping

    I first began helping out in the community when I needed to fulfill my Confirmation requirements at Church. I still needed several hours of community service to pass, so I began signing up for different volunteer oppurtunities. Although I was lazy at first, I grew to really enjoy helping others in the community. It felt great to know that I was helping better the lives of people who are less fortunate. Nowadays, I volunteer as much as possible. 
     As I began to volunteer more, I realized that I enjoyed working with children. I pursued this interest by watching the children at my church's bible school each summer. I loved helping the children learn. Another volunteer opportunity that I began this year was helping at Leg Up Farm, an organization that specializes in helping children with special needs by incorporating horseback riding therapy. Helping out here is a passion of mine because I got to pursue my love of animals and children at the same time. 
      I believe that if others start to help out, we could live in a better community. Also, this is an activity that can help people to feel better about themselves. I would like to share my passion with others to make our society better as a whole. 

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