Sunday, May 3, 2015

Planning for Pitch Day

Before I begin, I would like to note a change that took place since my blog from last week. In my last blog post, I noted that I was unable to meet with the lady with Leg Up Farm, so I was going to meet with my cousin who also has a helping career, instead. However, the Leg Up Farm employee and I were eventually able to work out a time where I could interview her as well as my cousin. So, I will now be including both in my project. 
I would like to present my work from the past four weeks on a poster. On my poster, I will include the questions that I asked the two ladies that I interviewed about their careers, and the answers to these questions. I will also include an overview of my mission to find out about careers that include helping others, and the information that I found out about that topic. I will include how I found these answers, and my goals for the future. I will also use my iPad during my pitch, and have a slideshow of the photos that I've gathered throughout this process. 
For my pitch, I will read over my poster and touch on all of the key points. I will tell my audience how I gathered all of the information. I will also explain to them my goals for taking on a career in helping others in the future. 
Inquiry questions for further research:
What materials will I need to use for my presentation?
How will I present my information if this plan does not work out?

Pitch day invite video:

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